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Pixel Color uses small “pixel” bricks to create mosaic style pictures and designs.

It comes with modular bases; the “pixel” bricks are in 5 different colours.

Children can use the instruction guides or be creative and develop their own pictures.

Included in the game is an hourglass to be used as a timing device this adds an extra dimension letting children understand the concept of time.

Pixel Color stimulates logical reasoning; helps develop fine motor skills, as well as mathematical reasoning and artistic creativity.


Piece: 1,5×2,3×1,5cm.
Base: 12,5x1x12,5cm.

Recommended age: + 3 years.


PIXEL COLOR XL is a Chunky Mosaic Brick game for smaller fingers.

It is based on our very popular Pixel Color but it can be enjoyed by younger children.

The individual pixel pieces are bigger in size and easier for smaller hands to hold and manipulate.

The mosaics are placed onto the modular bases.

Little ones can develop skill and dexterity in moving and placing the mosaic bricks onto the boards.

The chunky bricks come in 5 different primary colours which can also be used for learning the key colour range.

The game includes modular bases, an hourglass and an instruction sheet. There is also a QR code on the packaging that links to our web page and can be used to download a wide range of mosaic based designs.

Develops creativity, motor skills and imagination.


Piece: 3×6,8x3cm.
Base: 18,2×1,1×18,2cm.

Recommended age: + 10 months.

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