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PUZZLE UP is a unique puzzle that combines the structure of building blocks with the challenge of a puzzle. The blocks are built vertically or horizontally to create a wide variety of different images.

At Game Movil we have continually strived for over 45 years to provide an educational aspect to playtime. In our experience, children love construction toys, especially building blocks. Puzzle Up is a remake of a much loved toy, the building block. The building blocks are printed using a special technique developed by Game Movil.

They are bright, colourful and fun.

Puzzle Up comes in various sizes: Mini (8 pieces), Small (14 pieces), Medium (32 pieces) and Large (48 pieces).

This product line can be customized.

Measures assembled puzzle 8 pieces: 9,5 cm height x 9,5 cm length x 3 cm width.

Measures assembled puzzle 14 pieces: 12,5 cm height x 11,5 cm length x 3 cm width.

Measures assembled puzzle 32 pieces: 19 cm height x 19,5 cm length x 3 cm width.

Measures assembled puzzle 48 pieces: 28,5 cm height x 19,5 cm length x 3 cm width.

Measurements of the pieces:

12 pivots: 9,6 x 2,35 x 3cm.

8 pivots: 6,4 x 2,35 x 3cm.

6 pivots: 4,8 x 2,35 x 3cm.

4 pivots: 3,2 x 2,35 x 3cm.

Base measurements: 12,5 x 1 x 9,5cm.

RECYCLED PLASTIC: A key component is that the blocks are made from recycled plastic. This is an environmentally better way to manufacture plastic blocks. The blocks can be printed on one side or both depending on the design.

PACKAGING: We use recyclable cardboard packaging. Complete Puzzle sets can come in a convenient compact plastic container to keep the pieces organized and safe when not in use.

EDUCATIONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Using the bilingual puzzle set as an example these puzzles encourages the development of social emotional learning, cognitive skills, and fine motor skills.
They celebrate diversity and inclusion with puzzles showcasing families from different cultures. Wider Educational topics can be discussed using jungle animals, farm animals, mountain animals, and the alphabet with numbers and symbols.

AGE RANGE: Age 3 and 5 years old. With easy-to-use instructions children can map the puzzles using a simple template. They can contain bases to stabilise the puzzle once constructed.

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